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Welcome to DiDi

Our Services

DiDi Design & Development is specialised in Graphic Design and Web Development and makes sure your business has the right look and feel to your customers.


Need a Menu Card for your restaurant, a poster for your event, businesscards for networking or flyers for your promotion? DiDi will customize the design and makes sure it aligns with your brand identity.


Every single second of the day, Google gets 40.000 search queries. Yes, you do want your business to be one of these! DiDi is eager to help and make sure your customers can find you on the internet. 


Making sure that your customers can find you on Google is good, but wouldn’t you rather them to visit YOUR site instead of Google? Either for a new website or a makeover: DiDi is your partner.

Why DiDi?

Why DiDi? We are keen to tell you about our unique selling points! 

Mind your own business

As a business, you just want one thing: focussing on your core business. If that is serving coffee, being a hairdresser or perparing food: you do not want to waste your time on a website. Besides, while being a small business or a Startup, you do not want to spend too much money on a website.
Therefore, DiDi focusses on SME’s websites for reasonable prices. We mind your business.

The complete package

DiDi offers a complete package for a jump start! DiDi combines Design and Webdevelopment which means we can assist in online and offline marketing.

Looking for both? Perfect!
We have a jump start deal for SME’s and Startups:

3-page website + 1 design for printed marketing for $549!


Face to Face and Fast

Best thing of all is our face to face contact. We prefer having a chat, be sociable and make sure everybody is happy! Different from others, your website will not be outsourced. We built it ourselves, and if you prefer, we will built it on location.

Having troubles? No problem, when you call or email there is no callcentre. Just directly speaking to the one that built your site! 

Using the right resources

DiDi Design & Development makes use of descent software programmes which ensure quality.
Quality means easy maintenance. Our software enables you to maintain everything yourselves. Would you like DiDi to maintain your website? No worries! We would love to!

Compatible with any device

Building a website is no rocket science anymore these days. Many people even try it theirselves. Of course we do hope you succeed, but do you know what the tricky part is? Making it responsive and compatible for any device. Having troubles? No worries! Call DiDi and enjoy your website!

You are unique, so your design is too!

Actually, the design has to correspond with your uniqueness. It is a fact that most people like to be different. Not only the way they look or the way they act, but also the places they visit. DiDi understands that the uniqueness of your brand needs to correspond with the need for feeling unique of your (potential) customers. That is why design needs to based on a story and not a product.

How DiDi works

DiDi tries to have a different approach to make you really feel like a king (or queen). We all know the saying: “Client is King” but how many businessess do really provide this service?

Doing business with DiDi is fast, effective and fun. Being cheerful and passionate about your job makes it way easier. That is what makes DiDi unique. 

Project Research

No templates or models. Everything is one of kind, special for you. But to do that, we will need some information about you and your business story.


We provide different ideas and will all discuss them with you. We would love to advice you, but listening to your ideas is one of our qualities too. 


Happy about one of our ideas? We make sure the design is top notch and send you the last details.


For a website we will picture you our ideas. If you are excited, we start developing! Soon your website will be online.

Hi DiDi, 

Thank you for all your input and recommendations. Maria was really happy with her new website and how quick you put everything together, you made it seem really easy. 
Hope to see you in the near future. 
Thank you once again.

Restaurant Manager, Maria's Trattoria

Let’s work together

Enthusiasm describes DiDi best.
Are you enthusiastic about our attitude? 
Let’s work together!